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Take a moment to read through our Autumn offering, teaming with thoughtfully prepared activities for children, adults and families. Carefully presented by a wonderful team of highly experienced, dynamic and passionate facilitators, here on known as The Patch Creators... to read their stories head over to the Patch Creators page.

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The Patch is still evolving and developing into the kind of extraordinary offering that I want it to be, and you can read about the vision for the future and our move towards a community membership site. This presents a shift in the way we come together on The Patch, less as a provider/customer relationship, and more of a togetherness, a place for group understanding, shared responsibility and a community spirit that brings us together and allows us to dream big. This process begins with setting an intention, one that is based on respect and consideration. It is out of this that The Patch Promise was created - have a read, share with your children... I hope it sparks the same feeling of warmth and gratitude for you, as it did for me when creating it.

For those of you who joined us for our summer programme, thank you for making it such a pleasurable experience. It was hard to know how people were going to react coming out of lockdown, but the support we received here at The Patch was overwhelming. Check out the gallery, for photos celebrating our fun under the summer sun…

We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s to tell us about a recent visit or to share an idea for the future, please drop us a message…

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We are delighted to be able to offer you engaging, inspirational, community focused and thoughtfully prepared offerings here at The Patch. Providing you and your family with a space to relax and play safe in the knowledge that we are out in the fresh air, with plenty of space and nature as our playground. We will continue to ensure that we work meticulously in our preparation and planning so that when you and your children step onto The Patch, you can feel safe in knowledge that we have taken every consideration for your comfort and safety, allowing you and your family to enjoy your precious time together, and if you need anything The Patch team are on hand to support you in any way they can. Making The Patch quite simply “A Thoughtful Place To Be”.

We hope to see you again soon, a warm welcome awaits…

Liz & The Patch Creators

A thoughtful place to be