Quest Education

The Quest Education programme will launch officially in September 2022, but some short-term summer projects will be shared soon...

In the meantime, here is a little insight into some of the principles behind our offering...

...adventurous, creative, inspirational and grounded invitations that incorporate our understanding of who we are, the world around us, our connections with others and the impact that we can have both as wonderful individuals and as collaborative communities.  Working with respect, integrity, confidence and vulnerability - sharing, listening, reflecting and questioning.  

From working with charities, organisations or schools to create bespoke therapetic / nurturing / outdoor education programmes, or writing individual creative education plans for Looked After children, to developing offerings for Home Educating children and families.

Positive facilitation is something that is very important to this process, and many years have been spent researching and developing an ideology based around the nurturing and developing of group dynamics.  

  • Communication: having transparent communication means that everyone knows what is going on and is invited to take part in the decision making.  
  • Building relationships: from the simple act of learning each other’s names to the development of rapport that comes from making like-minded connections and finding things that we have in common.  Building relationships with each individual person so that the group can develop according to the personalities of all of its members. 
  • Taking responsibility: taking responsibility for providing a safe, beautiful, creative and thoughtful space for us to meet in, and encouraging everyone to take ownership of this group and take responsibility for its energy.   Inviting everyone to be reflective and to think about themselves and their actions, and trusting that people will have respect for self, for others, for our environment and for our materials.
  • Using positive language: always striving to choose and use language that is positive and appropriate, and to model this practice.  Encouraging the group to develop their own positive language which shows respect, thought and care for others.  Exploring vocabulary and ensuring that we empower our students / trainees to be able to express themselves in a meaningful and confident way.
  • Being brave: being brave, being adventurous, and daring to do something new and exciting.  Treating each person as an individual, and encourage everyone to have pride in their uniqueness, whilst challenging ourselves to do something new, and see where this takes us. 
  • Nurturing our playfulness: being playful to keep the bubble of imagination, creativity and vibrancy alive in all of us.  Playing to help us explore new things, share and experiment with our ideas and travel to the far flung worlds in our imaginations.