Community Collaborations

Every element of the home-grown Patch vision comes underpinned with community spirit and therapeutic intent.  It is thoughtfully designed, created, and crafted by experienced facilitators.  Whether visitors realise it or not, their experience is shaped by a very strong ideology and ethos around connection, openness, inclusivity, collaboration and creativity.  Encouraging all who attend to spend time under the wide-open sky…

With that in mind we have created two wonderfully wholesome offerings for you: 

Welcome in... our weekly family support sessions

Project Patch… our monthly family experiences

Welcome In was created to provide a warm, welcoming and supportive space for children and families who need or want to step away from the demands of everyday life.  Now more than ever we feel that The Patch is perfectly placed to provide an additional level of support, of understanding and of compassion.  The Patch is a place where true stories are shared, heard and acknowledged. 

So whatever life experiences are happening for you, your children or your wider family – from bereavement and loss, change in family situations at home, at work or at school, to difficult transitions or anxious experiences, our Welcome In sessions invite you to spend the afternoon at The Patch, and letting our beautiful, natural site provide a sanctuary of support.

Our sessions run each Tuesday from 4-5.30, with a relaxed arrival, self-led activities and a guided activity each week, finished off around the campfire.

This is no charge to attend these sessions, but a donations box will be provided for those who feel they can contribute.

Visit our bookwhen page: to let us know you are coming and to see what activities we are planning each week.

Project Patch

At the heart of Project Patch is the plan to build a community of families who visit regularly and join with us to engage in nature activities, tools and woodcraft and campfire cooking, offering a playful, wholesome and nurturing experience. 

Each month we will offer a morning and afternoon session, inviting families to come together and take part in a range of hands-on activities.  Four times a year we will also spend these sessions celebrating the beginning of the new seasons.  Our next session on Sunday 19th June celebrates the beginning of Summer (as well as Fathers Day), where we wil be melting pewter over the campfire to make trinkets and setting up tea parties on the lawn.

To secure your place each month, you can become a Patch Member (your monthly fee is taken as a PayPal subscription) or you can Pay As You Go to give you flexibility to pick and choose when you can attend. 

Visit out bookwhen page: to book your tickets.