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Hello from The Patch

This weekend we were unexpectedly gifted some beautiful wildflower turf, which has been used to create a new wildflower garden… it currently looks quite unassuming, it’s just a patch of plants on the ground, but with the addition of the spring sunshine and a daily drink of water these plants will grow and flourish. This will take time, some will grow quicker than others, and they will all look a little bit different, but together, when they are in full bloom, their presence will have a transformative effect on The Patch.


Today we want to share with you the plans we have made to begin to welcome you and your families back to The Patch, to restart some of our favourite sessions and to introduce some new offerings. Meeting you wherever you are, welcoming you to blossom alongside us, to collaboratively create a beautiful, nourishing and wholehearted space.


Our offering starts slowly, with the utmost thought and care. But the kind of space that we are striving to create is only possible with the support and contribution of everyone. So, intrinsically woven into all of the invitations is the idea that if everyone brings as much as they take from the Patch, then the space will always be full of energy and care for the people and the natural habitat that fills it. This is underpinned by our Patch Promise.


Our sessions fall into the following categories: Preschool Playtime, Weekend Zone Hire & Caring and Creative Communities. You will also see information about the upcoming Patch Family Membership which will be launched in June. You may notice that prices have been increased by 10p per session, please read our Caring & Creative Communities section to find out why and how this is going to be used…

We look forward to welcoming you to The Patch again soon

Sending warm wishes
Liz, Bizi and Joley


A thoughtful place to be